Amena Eagleheart-Sumel

Amena was Daelis' mother, and Nimlar's aunt.

“We have to get far away from here Daevon!”

Amena is Daelis’ mother, and is still very beautiful even in her old age. Being an elf, she has a long lifespan, and seeing her husband Daevon grow old while she stays young and fair is hard for her…


Amena met Daevon in 1206 AY, and fell in love, though her family did not approve at all, since Azathari are very racist, and were married in 1207 AY. Because of the pressure put upon them by Amena’s family, they were forced to flee to Daevon’s homeland of Torius, where they settled down and lived for the rest of their lives.

They chose the town of Balus to live in, a small community near the The Bluff, where Daevon practiced his trade, blade-crafting. Their son, Daelis, took up his father’s trade and married Ariedelle in 1228 AY.

Amena Eagleheart-Sumel

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