Aniphastus Knowlern

Aniphastus is the noble that financed Poddle and Rapton's crazy hotel scheme.

“The hotel is up and running my friends…”

The Lord of Knowlern Manor and representative of Sunrise in The Sanction has lived in Sasserine longer than most every other citizen. He keeps his hair sleek and black with constant dye, and even uses make-up to keep up his appearance. He often wears expensive, black clothes, which gives him the appearance of being a black bird, hence the nickname “Raven”.


Aniphastus has lived in Sasserine longer than almost every other citizen, but his mind is still canny. He sensed a great business opportunity when Rapton and Poddle approached him with their idea, and he has faith in the plan.

Aniphastus Knowlern

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