Ariedelle Eagleheart

Ariedelle was Daelis Eagleheart's charming wife.

“♫ Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day. ♫”

Ariedelle was the kind and beautiful wife of Daelis Eagleheart, and mother to his daughter, Penny. She had strawberry blond hair and a calming effect on everyone around her.

In Balus, the village where she grew up and eventually made a home for herself with Daelis, she was very much loved, and her death was a shock and a tragedy to the small town.


Ariedelle was born on May 13, 1209 AY to farmers in Balus, Torius. She had a quiet childhood on the farm, but always had a fascination for the world beyond the small village. When she was twenty, she married Daelis Eagleheart, her childhood sweetheart, and they had a daughter: Penny.

When Penny was small, Ariedelle used to sing a Torusian lullaby to her, a song called “Catch a Falling Star”. It was to this that little Penny fell asleep to every night.

In 1233 AY, Daelis was commissioned to craft a masterful blade for a mysterious buyer. When Daelis found out that the buyer was an evil assassin, he refused to give the recently-finished blade to him, a tiefling named Kadras.

On October 4th of that year (which happened to be Penny’s birthday), Kadras killed Ariedelle and Penny in their home in Balus. Daelis held his wife in his arms as she died…

Ariedelle Eagleheart

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