Arsul Sumel

Arsul Sumel, the father of Nimlar, was once the king of Azatharia, but was killed by assassins while on a political mission to Torius with his wife.

“To be good is noble, but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble.”

Arsul Sumel, a paladin of Lorian, was also the king of Azatharia until he was assassinated by political enemies of the crown. He was husband to Elmorra Sumel (who was killed with him), and father to their child Nimlar. He had long blonde hair, a charismatic aura about him, and a caring heart. He was an excellent leader, and inspired his subjects to no end.


Arsul was the king of Azatharia until he was assassinated, along with his wife Elmorra, while on a trip to Torius. He was a just and noble king, and was loved by his people dearly. His death shook the kingdom, and when Baeldeth, Arsul’s brother took the throne (which was against tradition, since Arsul’s son Nimlar should have taken the throne) the people looked to him for guidance. Baeldeth took advantage of this, and he became entirely in control of the kingdom. No one dared questioned his rule…

Arsul was a paladin of Lorian, the elven god of goodness and justice (and the patron god of Azatharia. He took his job as king very seriously, and was popular within his own kingdom, as well as with the leaders of neighboring kingdoms. Many a peace was made with him at the helm of Azatharia.

Arsul Sumel

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