Ashuel was the late king of the Kaenari. He was seemingly killed by the Ashen.

“As great as kings may be, they are the same as everyone: they can err like other men.”

Ashuel was the great warrior king of the Kaenari (the fire elves), before his untimely death. He was said to have great flowing blond hair, a calm and charming demeanor, and an unwavering faith in Kaenen, the god of the fire elves.


Ashuel, the Warrior King as he was called, led his people in countless wars against the reptilian armies of the Ashen, bent on their destruction. Within the last decade, however, his attitude had begun to change. He was the first fire elven king to attempt to make peace with the Ashen, and succeeded. A treaty was signed in 1230 AY that finally brought a cease fire between the two factions. But some did not like this.

On April 7th, 1233 AY, Ashuel was killed by poison, a trademark that pointed directly to the Ashen, since no god-fearing Kaenari would dare resort to such cowardly measures. This act brought war plunging once again upon Kohiat, and this time, the Ashen had the upper-hand. Without their king to lead them, the corrupt Council of Nobles could not defend against the dragon legions and they were overrun.

The Ashen now have control of Kohiat.


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