Cerdwinna Gildas

Cerdwinna is the mother of Duerak Gildas. Her wherabouts are currently unknown.

““There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it’s easy.”

Cerdwinna is a Sachiar maiden who seems to have a slightly other-worldly presence about her. She has brown hair and eyes, and often wears a golden tiara given to her by her husband, Dynoh.


Cerdwinna was married to Dynoh Ironhelm in 1198, though the dwarves of Hammarlund were disapproving. They had Duerak in 1199, and lived a happy life in Hammarlund for about eight years. In 1207 AY, elven assassins stormed into their house, killing Dynoh, but fortunately missing Duerak, who was hiding in cabinet. Cerdwinna happened to be away visiting relatives, so she escaped the assassination as well, but Duerak fled and was adopted by a family of Sachiars, and she never saw him again…

Cerdwinna Gildas

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