Churtle is the kobold cook/poison maker who now works for Lavinia. Just as a cook though.

“Please don’t hurt me!”

Churtle is a slight kobold, barely three feet tall, with skin and eyes both the color red. She wears modest, peasant clothes and is somewhat out of place in the Vanderboren Manor, but she has become a trusted friend.


When the heroes found Churtle, she was begging for her life after she had just tried to kill them. The heroes were merciful, and found they had a loyal friend.

Rowyn Kellani, the guildmistress of the Lotus Dragons, had saved Churtle’s life some time back, and because of this, Churtle pledged her allegiance to the human. She worked for her as a cook and a poison maker, and rarely ever confused the two. When the heroes stormed the guild, Churtle attempted to kill them by rigging a pot of boiling poison to launch from the hearth at the door when it was opened. Surprisingly, the heroes were merciful when they found the kobold, and introduced her to Lavinia when they had killed Rowyn Kellani and destroyed the Lotus Dragons.

Churtle got a job working for Lavinia (just as a cook, though), who was re-hiring her staff after taking care of her finances, and the two became good friends, even thought he differences between the two were tremendous.


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