Dynoh Ironhelm

Dynoh is the late father of Duerak Gildas, who died by elven assassins.

“For Hammarlund!”

Dynoh was very tall for a dwarf, coming at a total of six feet in height. His tall demeanor came from fire giant blood, when his ancestors lived peacefully among some good fire giants living to the southeast, their blood mixed with the giants’, giving him extreme height. He had a long black beard and braided hair, in the common style of dwarves, and he favored his dwarven side in most areas, except for height, of course.


As previously mentioned, Dynoh’s ancestry lies with a group of dwarves that lived in an area peacefully with a group of friendly fire giants to the southeast. When the family returned to Hammarlund, the dwarves were wary, but in time grew to trust and even rely on the Ironhelm clan. Dynoh became the general of the dwarven army, and as such was a respected member of the nation.

Dynoh married a Sachiar maiden named Cerdwinna Gildas in 1198 AY, as an act of peace between the two nations. They had one son, Duerak. They lived a relatively happy life until 1207 AY, when elven assassins (in a political move) killed Dynoh and very nearly killed Duerak, but he managed to escape into the wilderness of Sachion, where he was raised by adoptive Sachiar parents. Cerdwinna was lucky enough to be gone visiting relatives during the attack, but she was not seen again by the dwarves of Hammarlund or Duerak.

Dynoh Ironhelm

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