Fang (or Kameri in Draconic), is a young bronze dragon that has begun to mentor Daegoth.

“Sounds like quite an adventure, and I love a good adventure! It also sounds like you’ll have a lot of battles, and I love a good battle”

Fang is a juvenile bronze dragon that laired in the Amedio region. Fang has a ribbed and fluted crest sweeping back from its cheeks and eyes, the ribs in its crest end in curving horns. The dragon also has small horns on its lower jaw and chin, it has a beak-like snout and a small head frill, as well as a tail-neck frill. The smell of the sea surrounds the dragon and its scales have a golden-brown cast.


Fang lived with his brood of siblings until he was about twenty four years old, then left to find his own lair on the coast of the Amedio region. While fishing near his home, he met the crew and passengers of the Sea Wyvern, who invited him to come with them on their adventure to the Isle of Dread.

He accepted.


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