Conrad Horst

Conrad Horst is a con artist who posed as a priest to get to the Isle of Dread.

“I’m not really a cleric…”

Conrad Horst is a short, bald man who has a simple look about him. He wears simple robes and adorns his neck with the holy symbol of Atarian. He tries to be calm and quiet (in accordance with his priest disguise), but can get into a fit about things he doesn’t like, and he often stutters and sweats nervously.


Former scribe Conrad Horst is a consummate liar, and has taken Lavinia in by convincing her that he’s a clergyman. In fact, Conrad is a desperate criminal recently forced to flee a neighboring city when his scam of swindling old ladies out of valuable heirlooms came to light, and he spent several months hiding out in Sasserine.

Conrad has recently hired his services out as a mule to a sinister man whose name he doesn’t know. In return for delivering a sealed box to a shrine of Atarian at Fort Blackwell, his benefactor arranged for Conrad a new identity as a priest. Disguised as Father Feres, Conrad hoped to travel to Farshore not only to escape persecution from his enemies, but to establish his scams in a new location unaware of his talents.

Conrad Horst

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