Heldrath Kellani

Heldrath is the scheming noble that sent assassins after the characters for revenge, but is now facing official charges which could strip her of her nobility.

“I just want to make this abundantly clear: if you ever come near me or one of my daughters again, I will not hesitate to kill you myself.”

Heldrath is an aristocrat, the leader of her noble house, and one not afraid to get her hands dirty. She has dirty blonde hair, a tattoo of a lightning bolt gracing her forehead, and a haughty disposition.


Heldrath was funding her daughter Rowyn’s thieves’ guild, the Lotus Dragons, which she used to increase her income. When this fell through, however, she was furious, and retaliated at the heroes by sending assassins after them. The heroes defeated these though, and now knew that Heldrath was responsible.

At the banquet, Heldrath approached Daelis and Nimlar and threatened them, but the pair wasn’t fazed, and later asked Lavinia to put charges forth on her.

Before they left for the Isle of Dread, charges were being brought forth on Heldrath, and inquiries were being made on her activities…

Justice was served.

Heldrath Kellani

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