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  • Chapter 8: The Tattoo

    h2. _*Savage Tide*_ h3. _*Interlude I*_ _*Chapter 8: The Tattoo*_ _*Our Cast:*_ *[[:poddle-flip-flop | Poddle]]* _(Connor)_ Kobold Rogue *[[:striker | Jericho "Striker" Moonscar]]* _(Seth)_ Tainted Human Duskblade *[[:daelis-eagleheart | …

  • Chapter 9: The Heads of the Hydra

    h2. _*Savage Tide*_ h3. _*Interlude I*_ _*Chapter 9: The Heads of the Hydra*_ _*Our Cast:*_ *[[:nimlar-sumel | Nimlar Sumel]]* _(Lance)_ Elven Ranger *[[:daelis-eagleheart | Daelis Eagleheart]]* _(David L.)_ Half-Elf Swashbuckler *_Sunday, …

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