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    h4. Active Plotlines * [[Brother Confrontation (Plotline) | Brother Confrontation]] (Daegoth Sub-Plot) * [[Don't Touch My Family (Plotline) | Don't Touch My Family]] (Daelis Sub-Plot) h4. Completed Plotlines * [[The Blue Nixie (Plotline) | The …

  • The Blue Nixie (Plotline)

    The heroes recovered the [[Blue Nixie | Blue Nixie]] for [[:lavinia-vanderboren | Lavinia]], as well as her father's signet ring and the money she had paid to the thug [[:soller-vark-1 | Soller Vark]]. [[:lavinia-vanderboren | Lavinia]] was …

  • Find Vanthus (Plotline)

    [[:vanthus | Vanthus]] is no longer at [[Kraken's Cove]]. After trying to steal the black pearl and then activating it's magic, he fled. The heroes now have no lead on to where he has gone next.

  • Parrot Island Escape (Plotline)

    The heroes escaped the caves under Parrot Island, though many of their party was lost in the attempt. [[:alraer | Alraer]], [[:maxel-journey | Maxel]], and [[:tarathial-nightstalker | Tarathial Nightstalker]] (as well as [[:sora-lee | Sora Lee]], who died …

  • The Other Brother (Plotline)

    [[:alraer | Alraer's]] twin brother, [[:maiasraer | Maiasraer]], was partially responsible for [[:alraer | Alraer's]] death, so [[:maiasraer | Maiasraer]] has eternal vengeance against his murderer: [[:vanthus | Vanthus]]. The [[Raptoran | raptoran]] …

  • For the Kingdom! (Plotline)

    [[:nimlar-sumel | Nimlar]] seeks to end the oppression of his homeland, [[Azatharia | Azatharia]]. He is slowly gathering money to hire a mercenary army to return and free [[Azatharia | Azatharia]] from it's tyranny. A development has occured: [[ …

  • The Love and the Mentor (Plotline)

    [[:nimlar-sumel | Nimlar]] has yet to face his love ([[:veronna-evalum | Veronna Evalum]]) and his mentor ([[:kylian-dre-ath | Kylian Dre'Ath]]), who both remain in Azatharia. He hopes to one day return to [[Azatharia]] and clear his name, free his …

  • A Dark Past (Plotline)

    [[:striker | Jericho]] has revealed everything to the rest of the party, including his shady past and his demonic infestation. They have decided to give him a chance.

  • Lotus Dragon Clean-Up (Plotline)

    The heroes have renovated the [[Lotus Dragons]] (with the help of nobleman [[:aniphastus-knowlern | Aniphastus Knowlern]]) into a hotel/resort. It is still in the basic stages, but business is going well.

  • Vanderboren Vault (Plotline)

    The heroes successfully entered the Vanderboren vault and made it past the guardian, but they discovered that [[:vanthus | Vanthus]] had been here before them, stealing most of the treasure once here.

  • The Taxidermist (Plotline)

    The heroes used [[:metallica | Metallica]] to intimidate [[:nemien-roblach | Nemien Roblach]] into giving them the location of the Lotus Dragon guildhouse. The heroes allowed him to leave and he took the chance to move to the nearby city of [[Cadero | …

  • The Lotus Dragons (Plotline)

    The heroes successfully infiltrated the Lotus Dragons, found [[:rowyn | Rowyn Kellani]] (the guild mistress), and regained the treasure stolen from [[:lavinia-vanderboren | Lavinia]]. [[:rowyn | Rowyn]] escaped however, as well as [[:vanthus | Vanthus]], …

  • Save Lavinia! (Plotline)

    The heroes have infiltrated the [[Vanderboren Manor | Vanderboren Manor]] and saved Liamae and Kaskus. They are still searching for Lavinia.

  • Courting Lavinia (Plotline)

    [[:lavinia-vanderboren | Lavinia]] has called off the wedding, regaining her senses and seeing that a marriage would never work between her and [[:rapton | Rapton]].

  • Into the Fold (Plotline)

    [[:rapton | Rapton]] and [[:poddle-flip-flop | Poddle]] are in the process of drawing more Killoren villages into the alliance with [[Sasserine]]. So far only one village has joined, the small settlement of Katha. The heroes were prevented from …

  • Hotel and Resort (Plotline)

    [[:rapton | Rapton]] and [[:poddle-flip-flop | Poddle]] have gained permission from [[:aniphastus-knowlern | Aniphastus Knowlern]] to renovate the [[Lotus Dragons | Lotus Dragon]] guildhouse into a hotel and resort.

  • And On My Mother's Side (Plotline)

    [[:duerak-gildas | Duerak]] looks for his mother [[:cerdwinna-gildas | Cerdwinna Gildas]], who was gone when his father was killed, and never came back. When he ran away from Hammarlund, he ended up in Sachion and was adopted by a kind [[Sachiar (Human) | …

  • On My Father's Side (Plotline)

    [[:duerak-gildas | Duerak Gildas]] is looking for revenge. His father, [[:dynoh-ironhelm | Dynoh Ironhelm]], was killed by elven assassins with distinct black hand tattoos. He searches for the people responsible...

  • Don't Touch My Family (Plotline)

    [[:daelis-eagleheart | Daelis]]' family was killed by [[:kadras | Kadras]], an [[Tiefling | tiefling]] fencer who had commissioned the half-elf for an expensive blade. When [[:daelis-eagleheart | Daelis]] found out about [[:kadras | Kadras]]' background, …

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