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  • Azathari (High Elf)

    The elves that live in the region of Azatharia, the Azathari elves (which means "highest") in Elven) are part of a kingdom of scheming politicians, a corrupt justice system, and downtrodden peasants. The kingdom was not always like this, but has now been …

  • Kaenari (Fire Elf)

    Far to the southwest of [[Sasserine | Sasserine]] lies a huge expanse of jungle-infested wilderness, it's spine complete with volcanic mountains. Within these super-heated mountains and jungles lies a warrior civilization of elves known as the Kaenari (" …

  • Saethari (Wood Elf)

    The Saethari Elves (which means "Wood-friend" in Elven) are a scattered people, with many small villages and woodland kingdoms around the continent. They are mostly content to live in isolation, alone with nature.

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