Savage Tide

Chapter 14: Shipwrecked!

The heroes are shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread!

Savage Tide

Part IV: Here There Be Monsters
Chapter 14: Shipwrecked!

Our Cast:

Jericho “Striker” Moonscar (Seth) Demon-Blooded Human Duskblade

Daegoth (Trevor S.) Lizardfolk Dragon Shaman

Daelis Eagleheart (David L.) Half-Elf Swashbuckler

Yereth Cloud-Walker (Connor) Minotaur Barbarian/Druid

Friday, October 15th, 1234 AY Daelis eye

Daelis opened his eyes.

He was on a sandy beach, washed ashore by the tide. He was sore, in body and mind, and very disoriented.

The swashbuckler got to his feet, and saw the jungle, a looming, primal mass of twisted vegetation that met the thin strip of beach, branches shadowing the sandy shore.

Daelis turned, towards the ocean, spotting the Sea Wyvern shipwrecked upon a small reef a few hundred feet from shore, damaged to the point of uselessness.

Suddenly, a noise from the nearby jungle made him spin around in surprise. Daelis saw the brush in the jungle rustling—something was coming.

The half-elf reached for his sword, but alas… it was gone.

Instead, he grabbed his sap, readying for combat against whatever might come out of the trees.

Out strode a minotaur, hoisting a large greataxe over his shoulder. He stopped suddenly, seeing the swashbuckler.

“Who are you?”
“Daelis Eagleheart,” the swashbuckler replied, still holding his sap before him.
“And what are you doing here?” The minotaur asked, eyes searching.
“We came to aid Farshore, but instead we crash-landed on this forsaken beach.”
“Farshore?” the minotaur asked, confused. “I don’t recognize that name.”


“So you shipwrecked here? Should we go save your companions or where you sailing alone?”

Daelis laughed, thinking that the minotaur had just made a joke, but when he looked closer at him, he realized that the axe-wielding sentient was being completely serious. He quickly became serious again and said a quick word of agreement.

They scoured the beach looking for the rest of the crew and passengers, eventually turning up a soggy and unconscious—but alive—Jericho.

“You brought a kid with you?” said Yereth (the name of the minotaur), wrinkling his face as they pulled Jericho from the tides.

They woke him up, and the duskblade spit out water as he came to, coughing with pain.

“Who’s this person?” Jericho asked, referring to Yereth.

They were introduced, and then the three went to work on finding the others.

Daelis found his rapier in the sand, luckily undamaged, and returned it to its sheath.

Yereth, meanwhile, found Daegoth. The lizardfolk came to, and grumbled solemnly.

“I hate when I do this…” He mumbled.

They saw Tavey next, floating in the water, unmoving. Jericho thought he might be dead, but closer inspection proved that he was alive and well.

Tavey awoke in a daze, confused and scared at his surroundings.

“Where are we?” he asked as he spit up water. Isle of dread shore
“The Isle of Dread my friend!” Jericho replied, helping the lad to his feet.

They found Urol as well, and though the gnome was scraped up a bit, he seemed basically fine, and was overjoyed (despite the inconvenience of being shipwrecked) to be on the Isle of Dread again. After making sure his companion Miss Crazzle the crow was okay, he immediately set out to explore the various tide-pools on the beach front.

Next Daelis found Amella. Coughing up water, Amella awoke, shaken by the violent storm the night before.

“Is she alright?” Yereth asked. The minotaur leaned down and checked Amella, to see if she was alright.

“She’s dead,” he said after a couple of minutes.
“What?” Amella said, clearly still alive. “I’m right here! I’m breathing!”
“Oh,” Yereth said. “Alright then.”

“What happened?” Amella asked, as the minotaur walked away.
“Well,” Jericho said, sarcasm permeating his words. “Your marvelous steering got us on those rocks over there!” He pointed to the Sea Wyvern two hundred feet out.
“Like you would have done any better?” Amella snapped.
Jericho waved off that comment. “At least we survived.” After a moment of thought, he continued. “Speaking of dead people, where’s Avner?”

Down the beach away, Avner Meravanchi stood, squeezing water out of his shirt. He spotted the heroes, and then proceeded to march up to them and start to hurl insults at them.

“I demand you tell me right now how you’re going to provide for my safety on this dreaded isle!” Avner started, but he was ignored. The party was getting pretty sick of the noble’s whining, and isntead, they turned to Yereth.
“So what are you doing here anyway?” Jericho asked the minotaur, as the druid’s origins and intentions were still unknown.
“Yeah, who are you?” Daegoth added.
“I was sent a vision from the island,” Yereth answered, his voice going soft.
“The island sent you a vision…” Daelis reiterated skeptically.
“Yes. Don’t islands send you visions sometimes?” Yereth asked in all seriousness.
“Not that I can recall no… My cousin Nimlar had a vision but it wasn’t from an island.”
“I see visions of dead kobolds,” Jericho said sarcastically.
“That’s just your daydreams,” Daelis said. Then he turned back to Yereth. “That’s the only reason why you’re here?”
“Well, not really,” Yereth said. “I was also hunting a Big One.”
“A big one?” Daelis and Jericho asked in unison.
“A Big One.”
“Alright,” Daelis said. “I’ll take your word for it.”
“I know what he’s talking about,” Daegoth said. “Terrible lizards that prowl around the jungle. They’re good to eat, too.”
“Thunder lizards?” Urol asked from nearby. “Yes, I know of them. Pretty dangerous. Huge beasts, not too smart, but terribly ferocious. They have very tiny arms, though.”
“Sometimes I hunt Sharp Ones as well,” Yereth said. Then he turned to Daegoth. “Do you hunt Sharp Ones?”
“Yes I do.”
“I have a Sharp One and a Horned One as well,” Yereth said, gesturing to some unknown companion in the jungle. “Ishat! Temul!”"

A raptor known as a Fleshraker trotted out of the underbrush, along with a rhinoceros. Yereth introduced the two animals as Ishat and Temul, and said that they were his companions.

Daegoth was confused. “These don’t live on Gala re Zathos,” he said, pointing to the rhino.

Yereth began to rant in his native tongue. The rest of the party looked incredulous.

The party was going to ask the minotaur about what he was saying, but Avner interrupted again.

“Is anyone listening to me?! I said, what are you going to do to insure my safety?”

Jericho responded by drawing his sword and putting it up to Avner’s exposed neck.

Yereth was puzzled by this. “Is this man a Bad One?”
“No,” Jericho said. “Just the Annoying One who should kill himself.”
“But all people are created equal are they not?”
“No, not in his eyes.”
Yereth glared at Avner. “Man, you need to be taught a lesson. All people are created equal…there, what’s next?”
“Maybe you should punch him in the face.”
Daegoth interrupted. “What is your name, minotaur?”
“I am Yereth Cloud-Walker, guardian of the Isle of Dread.”
“I am Daegoth of the Zay’Dinoq tribe.”

Avner interrupted for a third time, even though Jericho’s sword was at his throat.

“You’re not going to do that Jericho, so just drop the weapon.”

So Jericho kicked him in the spot where no man should ever be kicked. Avner keeled over and started gasping in pain, crying out with loud wails.
“You—jerk—“ He said, gritting his teeth through the pain. “I—need—those!”
“We do not need more of you running around!” Jericho retorted.

Daegoth helped Avner to his feet as Yereth grabbed Jericho’s arms, twisted until the duskblade’s swords dropped from his grip, and then put him in an armhold.

“Now what was that for?” Yereth asked calmly.
“He’s been annoying this entire trip,” Jericho responded.
“You don’t do that to your own companions!”

Jericho began to protest, but Yereth put his fingers to his lips.

“Shh…” Yereth said quietly, listening. “I hear something.”


“It’s a Big One.” Tyrannosaurus rex

Just then, a huge tyrannosaurus rex plodded out of the jungle, roaring with ferocity as it eagerly faced its new meal.

Yereth threw Jericho to the ground as he faced his prey.
“I’ll deal with you later.”

Amella, Urol, Tavey, Kurgol (who they had also found washed up on shore), and Avner ran at the first sign of the monster, content to let the adventurers handle the giant beastie. They gathered near a tidepool, waiting for the fight to finish.

Daelis acted first, shooting a crossbow bolt at the dinosaur. The missile connected with the thick hide of the beast, but it did not seem to do much to deter it.

Jericho pulled himself to his feet and side-stepped to the right of the party. He drew out his bow and fired an arrow at the monster, which scored a hit on the beast’s thigh. Once again, however, it did not do much damage.

Daegoth started to charge forward, then opened his mouth and set lightning arcing towards the dinosaur. The tyrannosaurus took the full force of the blast, roaring in pain as the electricity surged through it’s body.

Yereth charged the lizard with his axe, laying into the dinosaur for all he was worth. The weapon dug into the beast’s leg, drawing gore and blood.

The tyrannosaurus roared again, and then reached over and chomped down on the minotaur, rending and tearing his flesh. Yereth was being eaten alive

Daelis fired another crossbow bolt, which hit, but once again, it was like a needle poking… well, a needle poking a tyrannosaurus.

Yereth began to thrash around with his greataxe and his horns, tearing up the exposed flesh of the dinosaur’s mouth. The tyrannosaurus bellowed in pain, well, as much as it could with the minotaur still in its mouth.

The beast started to try to swallow Yereth then, but unfortunately, the powerful build of the minotaur prevented it from doing so, leaving Yereth still in the dinosaur’s mouth thrashing around.

So the tyrannosaurus bit down instead.

It began chewing Yereth up, sending waves of pain coursing through the minotaur’s body.

Daelis charged the animal, stabbing into it with his rapier, but unfortunately it did not do much in the way of hindrance to the great beast.

Jericho pulled another arrow from his quiver and sent it flying through the air towards the tyrannosaurus. It connected solidly, adding to the beast’s wounds.

Daegoth finished his charge, slashing the animal with his axe and biting in deep into the beast’s flesh.

Yereth slashed some more from within the beast’s mouth, and the dinosaur looked like it would drop him at any moment, if just to stop the minotaur’s barrage of damage against its jaws.

The dinosaur finally dropped Yereth from its mouth, and the minotaur landed on the ground with a thud. The beast had realized that it couldn’t swallow its meal, and it was desperately hungry.

Yereth noticed that the other party members were fighting the beast at this time, and looked angry.

“You idiots! I was fighting the Big One fine by myself!”
Daelis frowned. “Yeah, by getting chewed.”
“Exactly,” Yereth said. “He let me out after I stabbed him a couple times.”

Daelis just rolled his eyes.

Unfortunately, the fight was far from over. The tyrannosaurus charged Daelis instead, seeking an easier kill, and bit down on the swashbuckler. The beast’s teeth tore his flesh tremendously, and the half-elf screamed in pain as he dangled from the animal’s jaws.

Daelis regained enough sense to attack, though, and a moment later stabbed into the beast’s mouth with his rapier.

Jericho threw down his bow and grabbed his dual swords, then charged the tyrannosaurus. His swords connected with a sickening sound.

Daegoth brought his axe down on the dinosaur’s neck, and cut almost halfway through, then swung again. The attack connected, and the beast’s head fell to the sand of the beach.

They had killed a tyrannosaurus rex.

Yereth stood up from his position on the ground and immediately went over to the other adventurers.

“What were you doing?! That was my battle!”
“We were saving your butt, that’s what we were doing,” Daelis commented.
“I didn’t need saving. It spit me out and I killed it.”
“Daegoth killed it,” Seth broke in. The others agreed.
Yereth paused. “It’s dead, does it matter?”

Amella, Urol, Avner, Tavey, and Kurgol, who had kept away from the fight and let the adventurers do their work, made their way down the beach towards the heroes. Avner, who was at the head of the pack, was absolutely furious about the attack and demanded once again that the heroes make all efforts to ensure his safety and wellbeing.

“You almost let me get eaten by that gigantic beast!” Avner shouted, the veins in his neck bulging. “I want to know how you’ll ensure my safety!”
Daelis pulled a dagger from his belt and handed it to Avner. “Ensure your own safety.”

Meanwhile, Daegoth was cutting out the heart of the dinosaur, a traditional ritual after a hunt in the lizardfolk culture.

Amella followed behind Avner, looking miserable, and Tavey was next. The cabin boy went up to Jericho and offered to help clean up the mess.

“We’re not on the ship anymore,” Jericho said. “You don’t have to clean up.”

Kurgol followed, looking into the jungle with a grim seriousness.

Urol strayed a bit behind the others, picking up pieces of seaweed, shells, and any other natural specimens he can get his hands on. He muttered to himself and took notes furiously in a large water-proof book.

Jericho walked up to Kurgol and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?”
Kurgol looked at him and nodded. “I just have a feeling that this isn’t going to be a very friendly place.”

Now Daelis was injured from the fight, so the heroes made a camp on the beach while Daegoth stitched him up with his dragon shaman abilities. They also figured out what exactly they were going to do.

For starters, they didn’t know where they were. They knew they were on the Isle of Dread, but where specifically on the island was a little trickier.

“Where are we?” Jericho asked Yereth, who had lived on the island his whole life and would probably know.
“We are the northeast shore of the island.”

Farshore was at the very south of the Isle of Dread, situated on a small separate island called Temute. To get there, they just had to head south, but what route to take was the question.

Urol, luckily, had been thinking ahead and pulled out a map of the Isle of Dread. Giddy at the prospect, he started to plan a route that “while scenic, remained quick and safe”. The route would take them through the jungle to the mountains directly to the south of them, through said mountains, and then along the bay, eventually leading to the village of Tanaroa, the first of a number of native settlements that surrounds the colony of Farshore. The journey to Tanaroa alone was approximately one-hundred and thirty days, and Urol estimated that the trip should take ten days to complete.

Yereth didn’t care much for this though, and was about to leave (since he had just come here because he was tracking down a Big One), when Avner asked him where he was going.

“This is fun and all,” Yereth said. “But I have no further need of being here. I will return to my home.”
Avner frowned. “Why can’t you help us? We need plenty of aid in reaching Farshore alive, at least, with these clowns at the steering wheel!”

The party members objected, but Avner insisted.

“That guy just took on a tyrannosaurus, and survived!”
“No, he just sat in his mouth while we killed it!” Jericho said.
“Exactly,” Avner replied. “He went in a dinosaur’s mouth and came back out again!”
“I did that too, though,” Daelis said.
Daegoth turned to Yereth. “Avner just wants you to be a meat shield, he hates you.”

They began to argue again, but the debate ended quickly: with Jericho kicking Avner between the legs again.

“Not—again!” Avner screamed. “I still want to have children!”
“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen,” Daelis commented.

Jericho kicked Avner to the ground again, and started pummeling him.

“I will kill you in your sleep, do you hear me?!” Jericho yelled angrily.
“You psychotic maniac!” Avner shouted back.

Daegoth intervened, dragging Jericho away, but this did little to stop the torrent of insults.

“I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill you!”

Daegoth knocked him out, which sent Avner into a roar of laughter.

They got back to planning their journey and figured out how much food they would need. Taking into account the amount of people and the consumption rates of each person, they figured about seventy-eight pounds of food would be needed.

Since Avner’s horse Thunderstrike had also swam ashore and seemed relatively okay, they also needed one hundred pounds of feed, though the horse could carry more than three hundred pounds, which would come in handy to carry all the supplies they would need.

Luckily, Urol assured them that he (along with Daegoth and Yereth) would be able to find sufficient food along the way to cut those weights in half.

Avner refused to eat anything that was found on the isle, but Urol derided his squeamishness about “eating local” and plucked a bright green soft-shelled crab from a nearby tidepool.

“See?” The gnome said, smiling reassuringly. “There’s delicious food all over this island!”

He popped it into his mouth, but his eyes bulged and he immediately spit it out. For the next hour he was sick to his stomach.

“Once again,” Avner said. “I am not eating anything on this island!”

Water wasn’t of much concern for the voyage, since frequent rainfalls would provide the party with plenty of drinking water.

Yereth finally decided to come with them, due to a vision he had received “from the island” that had brought him to the wreck in the first place, and the fact that he didn’t want to leave these city folk to die in the jungle.

After they had gained the aid of the minotaur, the party set about to searching the beach and the wreck of the Sea Wyvern for supplies (including Jericho, who had come to by now).

In all, they found thirty-five pounds of food; seventy pounds of feed, two scrolls of shrink item, a scroll of remove disease, a case with ten crossbow bolts, a suit of studded leather armor, a signal whistle, an explorer’s outfit, and a quarterstaff.

Also, they found the barrel they had filled with their tokens for the Iron Brigade, such as roc talons, hydra heads, and so on, and one griffon egg. The other eggs had been smashed, unfortunately, but a single one remained.

After all that searching, they still needed thirty-three pounds of food, so they spent the rest of the day fishing, hunting, and gathering the rest of their supplies.

Unfortunately, they were still unable to find Nimlar, Duerak, Rapton, or Poddle. They didn’t find their bodies (though they did find the bodies of many of the other people aboard the Sea Wyvern), which was a good thing, but they still had no idea if they were alive or not. They didn’t have much of a choice to keep looking for them however, and needed to get the civilians to Farshore as quickly as possible, since they had a dwindling food supply and did not want to place them in any more danger than they had to.

It was nearing dusk by now, so Urol (and Yereth) suggested they camp the night on the beach here, and then set out into the jungle the next morning. With luck, they should reach the southern mountains by the end of the next day, and since none of the other party members were fond of sleeping in the jungle, the decision was made. Shipwreck beach

They would spend their first night on the Isle of Dread on a lonely beach.

Yereth pointed out that having the carcass of the tyrannosaurus nearby was probably not a good idea, since the body would almost assuredly attract predators to the area. So Yereth and Daegoth (after scavenging as much meat from it as they could) managed to drag the corpse out into the ocean, setting it adrift on the water.

Then they made camp and went to sleep…

Saturday, October 16th 1234 AY

The heroes awoke that morning ready to set off for Farshore.

On a small reef about two-hundred feet to the northeast of their position was the body of the tyrannosaurus, which they had pushed into the water the previous night. Pterodactyls swarmed around the corpse, scavenging meat from it down to the bone. Two huge plesiosaurs were eating it as well, their huge necks able to reach from the water to the reef.

The party gathered their supplies, shouldered their packs, and set out into the southern jungle.

They were saddened, though, of the fact that they had no idea where the rest of their companions were. They could only hope they were okay…

The party consisted of: Daegoth, Daelis, Jericho, Yereth, Amella, Avner, Kurgol, Tavey, and Urol, along with Thunderstrike (Avner’s horse), Temul (Yereth’s rhino), and Ishat (Yereth’s raptor). Isle of dread 2

The journey from the beach to the southern mountains was a thirteen-mile trek through jungle inhabited primarily by terror birds and dinosaurs (as Urol informed them). Fortunately, large game trails criss-crossed the expanse, making travel a bit easier than normal. The jungle consisted of tall trees flushed with brightly-colored birds and thick hanging vines. The canopy kept the region shaded with occasional shafts of light. Terror birds hunted the jungle with some frequency, and so at about nine in the morning, a group of the predatory avians attacked the party.

A terror bird launched itself out of the jungle to attack Temul, screeching with ferocity. Luckily, the rhino wasn’t surprised and managed to deflect the blow, all the while bellowing its own battle cry.

Daelis Eagleheart reacted quickly, stabbing the terror bird with his rapier furiously. The bird screeched at him as it reeled away from the strike.

Jericho started to chant in the spidery language of magic, and suddenly, a ray of energy blasted from his fingertips, searing into the terror bird with the sickening sound of melting flesh. The attack seemed to be very detrimental to the bird, and it teetered precariously, threatening to fall at any second.

Two more terror birds crashed out of the jungle to attack the party, but Yereth met them head on, charging with his horns and goring one of the avians.

Yereth’s rhinoceros fled, moving away from the battle to avoid being attacked. The rhino was not built for combat, even though it was immensely strong.

Yereth’s raptor, however, rushed and attacked one of the terror birds, sinking its claws into it with wild ferocity.

The third terror bird ignored Yereth and instead attacked Daelis, who was busy with the first beast and didn’t notice the avian until it was too late. The swashbuckler was knocked to the ground as the terror bird’s jaws slashed into him, drawing fresh blood.

The first terror bird, who had been blasted by Jericho’s spell, decided that it was a good idea to just try to grab a quick meal and high-tail it out of there. The creature attacked Tavey.

The terrible maw of the avian slammed down onto the cabin boy, crushing bone and tendon and knocking the poor kid to the dust. Tavey screamed in terror, then regained his composure and managed to stand up and then limp away as the terror bird chased after him, screeching all the while.

The rest of the civilians followed suit: Amella, Avner, and Urol ran away from the fighting.

Not Kurgol, however. His face grim, he charged silently at the horrible creature and—without any weapons—attacked the bird. The half-orc’s fist connected solidly with the beast’s face, and for a moment the avian was stunned, so Kurgol took another swing.

The half-orc was punching a terror bird in the face.

The second terror bird, which was just attacked by Yereth, retaliated and bit into the flesh of the minotaur. The druid gritted his teeth and prepared to strike back.

The third terror bird attacked Daelis again, but the half-elf managed to dodge the blows and counter-attack with his rapier, scoring a hit in its leg.

Jericho, seeing Kurgol without, shouted to him and then threw him his longsword. The terror bird next to him tried to take a snap at him, since giving his weapon away distracted him, but Jericho saw and dodged the attempt. The duskblade took out his shortsword and then stabbed deep into the bird’s gut.

The bird screeched a horrible howl, and then fell dead.

Two more terror birds entered the fray from the bushes, making the total number of terror birds five, but since one of the previous beasts had been slain, there were now four of them left fighting.

One of the newcomers charged and attacked Ishat, Yereth’s raptor companion, and scored a hit, slashing at the dinosaur with its beak.

The terror bird near Kurgol attacked the half-orc again, slashing the poor half-orc with its beak. The half-orc quickly retaliated, slashing the bird with Jericho’s longsword. Terror bird portrait

He didn’t even flinch.

Daegoth, who had been completely surprised by the arrival of the terror birds, had stood motionless for a long moment, but he finally regained his brain functions and brought up his waraxe. He feinted, pretending to attack a terror bird with his weapon, but instead blasted two of the birds with his lightning breath, slaying the first and severely damaging the second.

Daelis stabbed into his enemy again, this time sinking his rapier into the eye of the terror bird. The blinded avian screeched in horror as its eye was plucked out.

Jericho started to chant against, and shot two fiery rays from his hands at a terror bird, killing it with a blaze of fire.

Yereth wasn’t using his axe, as he wanted the fight to be more of a challenge, so he gored and tackled one of the terror birds, but still managed to kill it. His raptor managed to slay another of the terror birds, sinking its poisoned claws into the exposed flesh of the avian and tearing through to the bone.

The terror bird Kurgol was attacking managed to get a lucky hit into, and the half-orc seemed to take a lot of damage. He struggled to keep fighting, his forehead bloody from the slash across his head and blood dripping into his eyes, making it hard to see.

Kurgol did keep fighting however, but all he managed to do was miss and put himself in more of an exposed position.

Daegoth rushed in at the last second in an attempt to save Kurgol, tearing into the terror bird with his waraxe. He managed to slow the bird down enough to prevent from connecting a killing blow on Kurgol, but did little else.

Jericho dropped his remaining sword and drew out his bow, firing off an arrow at the last terror bird. The arrow missed barely, hitting a nearby tree. The duskblade cursed under his breath.

The terror bird lunged at Kurgol for the final strike…

…And Yereth cut its head off.

After the battle, Yereth pointed out that there were quite a few terror birds in the area, so he set out to make sure that they would be less visible to the beasts and try to avoid them as much as possible.

They continued on towards Farshore

Amella seemed depressed and miserable, because of being of out of her element in the jungle environment, and because she had crashed the ship.

Avner remained brutish and demanding as they walked, often going out of his way to go into long boring stories about his various, and completely fabricated, escapades.

Kurgol was grim and serious, not talking to anyone and keeping a watch on the horizon for any enemies. He seemed to be apathetic about his welfare and didn’t care whether or not he died, as was apparent by his rush into combat without any weapons.

Tavey was frightened, but tried desperately to hide that fact, as to not look foolish in front of his teacher. He seemed shaken as well.

Urol, however, seemed to not be fazed at all. He was absolutely fascinated with the surroundings, and though the encounters they had experienced with the dangerous creatures, he seemed ecstatic as always.

Jericho started to feel guilty of the comments he made to Amella about it being her fault for the ship crashing, so he went to apologize.

“It’s alright,” Amella responded, looking down. “It was my fault anyway.”

Jericho went to talk to Tavey, who was pretty terrified after his encounter with the terror bird.

Get it? He was terrified after he met the “terror” bird? … It’s funny right? Hehe… yeah.

He tried to comfort him, and such.

Yereth healed Kurgol with his druidic magic, since the half-orc was still damaged from the terror bird attack, and Tavey was healed as well.

Jericho also, for some completely random reason, decided that he would let Avner get three free shots at him.

Avner kicked him in the place where no man should ever be hit…three times.

Jericho threw up.

After that little episode, Yereth went up to Avner and told the noble that he was on his side in the petty conflict that was going on between him and Jericho.

Daegoth discussed the state of the island with Yereth for a bit, then asked if he knew anything about the tribe of Zay’Dinoq. Yereth had heard of the tribe before, but had never gone down to that area, so knew nothing of the condition of the settlement.

“So how are the jungles doing this time of year?” Daegoth asked, making small talk.
”Oh, they’re pretty monster infested,” Yereth responded with a straight face. “I’ve been killing a few of them off, but I can’t do everything!”

Daelis, in an attempt to pass the time while they stopped for a quick lunch, asked Amella if she’d like to spar.

Amella felt too depressed however, because of the recent events, so she didn’t feel like doing so at the time.

Yereth saw Urol drawing a brightly colored tropical bird that graced a nearby tree, and was dumbfounded by how good the gnome was at it.

“How did you learn how to draw like that?” he asked.
“It’s pretty easy, you just… draw, I guess. It just came naturally to me.”
“Kind of like my strength comes naturally to me,” Yereth said.
“Strike a pose,” the gnome asked suddenly.

Yereth obliged. Yereth urol sketch

Urol started to draw the minotaur, and he continued to ask him questions.

“So, I didn’t know there were minotaurs on the Isle of Dread, how did you get here?”
“I was born here.”
“Are there other minotaurs here?”

A long pause.

“Where do they live?”

“Why, are you going to hurt them?”
“No, I’m just a druid, I’m fascinated with the natural world and the races that inhabit them…”
“You’re a druid?” Yereth asked.
“I’m a druid!”
“You’re a druid?”
“The other minotaurs are all druids, too!”
Urol’s face brightened. “Very nice to meet you!”

The two shook hands, but Yereth almost pulled his arm out of his socket, so they stopped prematurely. They began to talk to each other in Druidic, and were fascinated to find they had much in common.

Daelis tried to go back and talk to Amella, to try to get her to feel better about herself since she was feeling so down.

“There was nothing you could do about you know,” Daelis said, sitting down next to the once-captain of the Sea Wyvern. “It wasn’t your fault that the ship crashed, Amella.”
“I know…” Amella finally said after a moment of silence. “It justs bugs me that I couldn’t do anything about it! It’s never happened before… I just felt… helpless. It kind of reminded me of the time… when my husband died. That was the only time besides now that I ever felt… helpless. It justs bugs me I guess. And this jungle.” Amella grabbed a small stick and threw into the trees. “I have no idea where I am or what’s happening. If it wasn’t for Urol, or Yereth, or Daegoth, I wouldn’t know where the heck I was.”
“None of us would I suppose,” Daelis added.
Amella nodded.

Jericho decided to talk to Avner again.

“Avner, we have been fighting too much. The entire voyage here we have been into petty fights, and I think it should stop. How about we don’t do anything to each other until we reach Farshore? We’ve been at each other’s throats, and one of us is going to hurt, or worse.”
“Well,” Avner said pompously. “I’m not the one being a jerk here. You’re the one who’s being such a brat, that he just has to have his own way every single time he opens his mouth!”
“Have you heard yourself lately, my friend? Have you even listened to yourself speak one time during the voyage?”
The veins in Avner’s neck started to budge. “When we get to Farshore, my uncle is going to rip your head off! He is going to send you to the guillotine, and off with your head!”
“Did I just hear something about taking off heads?” Yereth interrupted. He had been listening to the conversation and thought he should join in. “Cause if there’s a problem here, I can rip off a whole bunch of heads.”
“He threatened my life with his uncle,” Jericho said.
“Oh, well that’s fine then,” Yereth said, glancing at the nobleman. “Good job Avner.”
“He’s being a complete idiot,” Avner added.
“I have listened to you jabber—“ Jericho started, and then stopped himself. “First off, I take you as an understandable man when you get used to things. You had trouble sleeping in the same room with the commoners, correct?”
“Yes,” Avner said, wondering where this was going. “It was ridiculous.
“Did you get used to it?”
“I guess it was okay, in a slumming sort of way.”
“Then why can’t you get used to living like a simpleton right now? I know you’re a noble, which is a great honor, but I’m saying you don’t have to flip out on people when you can’t get your way.”

Yereth walked up to Daegoth and asked, “What do noble and simpleton mean in the language of humans?”
“I think they mean the same thing…”

“How smart are you?” Jericho continued, still talking to Avner.
“I received the finest education in Sasserine.”
“I would assume that I am smarter than you, though,” Jericho said.
“You see what I mean?” Avner said to no one in particular. “He’s just stuck-up like this, all the time!”
“He needs to have everything bow under his little nose!”
“My apologies,” Jericho said, not wanting to offend him. “Here’s two gold.”
“I’m not taking your bribes!”
“Listen, I slaughtered my whole village, I don’t have a home to go to, and you do! You have a rich uncle who can do whatever he wants waiting in Farshore for you!”
“You slaughtered your whole village?” Yereth broke in, shocked. He then gathered the rest of the party around. “Did you all know that Jericho, slaughtered his whole village, and he is traveling with us? Who is agreeing with this?!”
“Not me,” Daegoth said.
“I don’t agree,” Avner said as well. “I still think he’s a psychotic maniac!”
“What is going on over here?” Daelis asked, walking forward.
“Jericho slaughtered his whole village!” Yereth said again. “Why is he traveling with us?!”
Jericho quickly tried to change the subject. “What I am trying to get at, is that I think Avner and I should not be at each other’s throats!”
“Hey, I’m totally up for that!” Avner agreed. “He’s the one who continues to be a stuck-up brat!” He pointed at Jericho.

The two began to fight furiously, but Yereth broke it up by grabbing them both by the hair. They immediately began to yowl in pain.

“Ow, ow, ow!” They both said in unison.

“We are done here,” Yereth said calmly.
“Take your hands off of me!” Avner exclaimed.
“You see what I mean, we don’t need a minotaur!” Jericho said.

Yereth pulled some more on their hair follicles. And they screamed some more.

“It takes me three days to get my hair like this!” Avner said, whining all the while.
“And you say I’m a brat!”

Yereth continued to pull, trying to get them to stop. They didn’t, so Yereth pulled out a chunk of Jericho’s hair.

“Ahhh!” Jericho screamed horribly.

It didn’t seem to help much though, as they continued to fight and bicker.

Daegoth walked to the three of them and asked calmly, “Yereth, is there anything I can do to help here?”
“Just grab his neck and choke him until he stops breathing,” Yereth responded, indicating Avner.
“I could just cut off his head,” Daegoth said, his face serious. “That would probably work better.”

Avner and Jericho glanced at each other. Avner began to protest.

Yereth grabbed Avner by the neck.

“Ahh! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!!!” Avner yelled continuously.

They continued to fight, and Yereth continued to pull and shout at them, still holding Avner, until finally Jericho spoke up.

“Avner, we’ve both been stuck up this entire voyage.”

Yereth still held Avner on a pressure point on his neck, and Jericho by the hair.

“Listen!” Yereth yelled out finally. “You guys will not be within ten feet of each other at all times until we get to Farshore! Until then, no interaction at all! Alright?”

They both continued to squirm in pain, Avner making a high-pitched whining sound.

“Alright!” Yereth ended.

Avner passed out.

The heroes continued on till about noon, when they came upon a vast depression in the jungle Diplodocus herd that stretched nearly six miles across and one mile wide. A meteor struck here decades ago, and the jungle had never reclaimed the broken ground. Today, the clearing was made up of rough ground, spattered with clumps of tall grasses and the occasional furrow. The crater was home to a herd of enormous dinosaurs known as “diplodocuses” in Old Toru, towering behemoths with elaphantine bodies, long necks, and even longer tails. A dozen of the dinosaurs dwelled in the crater, and although they often came to the crater’s rim to feast on the plants that grow here, their size made a simple matter to avoid them.

But it turned out to be hardly a simple matter.

As they scanned the crater, off to the right, in the underbrush of the jungle, came repeated crashing noises. Suddenly, a baby diplodocus crashed through the vegetation into the clearing where the heroes gathered, trailed by eight hungry terror birds.

Urol cried out to the heroes that they had to save the dinosaur…


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