Savage Tide

Chapter 17: Shock the Monkey

The heroes are on their way to Farshore, but a whole lot of trouble (including teleporting demon monkeys, bloody puzzles, and mobs of fiendish baboons) gets in their way.

Savage Tide

Part IV: Here There Be Monsters
Chapter 17: Shock the Monkey

Our Cast:

Jericho “Striker” Moonscar (Seth) Demon-Blooded Human Duskblade

Daegoth (Trevor S.) Lizardfolk Dragon Shaman

Nimlar Sumel (Lance) Elf Ranger

Daelis Eagleheart (David L.) Half-Elf Swashbuckler

Duerak Gildas (Nate) Half-Dwarf/Fire Giant Fighter

Yereth Cloud-Walker (Connor) Minotaur Barbarian/Druid


Xcarthan12 Xcarthan12

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