Savage Tide

Chapter 27: Black Bile of the World

The source of the raw material used to make shadow pearls is discovered. Our heroes declare all-out war on the black bile's defenders.

Savage Tide

Part VI: The Lightless Depths
Chapter 27: Black Bile of the World

Our Cast:

Poddle “Flip-Flop” (Connor) Kobold Rogue

Jericho “Striker” Moonscar (Seth) Demon-Blooded Human Duskblade

Daegoth (Trevor S.) Lizardfolk Dragon Shaman

Nimlar Sumel (Lance) Elf Ranger

Daelis Eagleheart (David L.) Half-Elf Fighter

Gorath (Jared) Tiefling Wizard


Xcarthan12 Xcarthan12

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