Amella Venkalie

Amella is the captain of the Sea Wyvern.

“You’ll sleep with the rest of the passengers or you can stay in Sasserine, your choice.”

A slight but powerful woman with fine blonde hair tied neatly back from her forehead, Amella dresses to fight and sail rather than to please the eye. A thin scar graces her right cheek. Amella is rather foul-mouthed, fond of uttering oaths only heard in the worst dockside taverns. Confident, haughty, and astute, she does not suffer fools gladly.


Amella makes few attachments, having buried one husband—a dashing sea captain named Heldram Venkalie. They once ran a smuggling operation some distance from Sasserine, but were betrayed by a group of shifty gnomes led by a treacherous cur named Shortstone Badgewell—it was this cruel gnome who murdered her husband.

She revealed all this Daelis, as well as the fact that the half-elf bore an uncanny resemblance to Heldram.

Amella Venkalie

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