Avner Meravanchi

Avner is a stuck-up noble that the heroes have tormented on the voyage.

“Who took my clothes?! And my wine?!”

Avner is a despicable cur—a slanderer, a deflowerer of maidens, and an utter cad who cares only about himself. Yet on the surface he is charming, helpful, and brave. This is all an act. When trouble appears, he disappears. When coins go missing, he is the culprit. When ladies are left in a lurch at the altar, he’s off frolicking with their sisters.


Despite the slow recovery of her wealth, Lavinia couldn’t quite finance her expedition to Farshore on her own. She spoke with the other noble families of Sasserine, but only one felt the profits for aiding her outweighed the dangers—the semi-notorious Meravanchis. Avner is his father’s eyes and ears on the trip, and his chosen representative in Farshore. Traveling with Avner are two meek servants (Banaby Chisk and Quenge Asper), who defer to his every need are otherwise unobtrusive.

Avner Meravanchi

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