Drevoraz Kabran

Drevoraz was recently brought to justice by Lavinia Vanderboren, and is facing a humiliating public trial.

“Lay down your arms, or I’ll chop off you’re pretty little employer’s head!”

Drevoraz is a tough half-orc with green skin and a scar down one eye. He wears sailor’s clothes, but as of late has taken to wearing convict’s clothes, because of his status within a Sasserine prison.


Drevoraz was first mate to Harliss Javell, pirate and swashbuckler, but when the Shadow Pearl was activated in Kraken’s Cove, everything went downhill.

Drevoraz survived, but so did Vanthus, so Harliss sent him to deal with the Vanderboren’s once and for all. Unknown to both of them, however, was that Vanthus was not coming back to the Vanderboren Manor.

The party raced to save their employer, but were too late and found that Drevoraz had already captured her. They defeated him, however, and had Lavinia turn him into the authorities, fearful that to do it themselves would bring the wrath of the Dragon Armada.

Drevoraz Kabran

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